2014 Toyota RAV4 Revealed Early

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Toyota's fourth-generation RAV4 leaked out ahead of its debut later this week in LA.

When the doors open (to the press, anyway) at the 2012 Los Angeles Motor Show later this week, Toyota will unveil its new RAV4. But while we're waiting for the fourth generation of the pioneering compact crossover to debut, a series of images have leaked out to give us an idea of what we're looking at. The images may not be much to go on, but aside from the styling revisions, the new RAV4 will apparently ditch its third-row seating - something only adopted by the current model when it launched in 2005, and by the latest Honda CR-V.

Of course these interior shots could be showing the short-wheelbase version marked overseas that never had the extra seating capacity in the first place. Insiders expect the new RAV4 to also lose its V6 engine in favor of a broader range of inline-fours, like the first and second-generation models had. The aging four-speed automatic is tipped to also be replaced by a new six-speed slushbox, driving either the front wheels or all four. A hybrid version is also said to be in the cards, but at this rate we'll wait for a couple of days to see what Toyota officially reveals in LA.

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