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2014 Will Be Ford's All Time Biggest Launch Year


Ford launching twenty-three new vehicles and a new EcoBoost engine next year.

Ford has been hard at work for the past few years, focusing on getting all of the various regional divisions to work better together and become more of one global brand. That, and getting those divisions to all move forward. 2014 will be an important year for that strategy, as the automaker will be bringing out 23 new vehicles around the world, the biggest launch year ever for the blue oval.

The new models will be accompanied by a new EcoBoost engine, as well as expanded use of start/stop technology and driver assistance technologies. This kind of launch is possible, without the need for resorting to the kind of half-assed badge engineering of years past, thanks to the new global strategy. 16 of these vehicles, including the new Mustang, Transit, Transit Connect and Lincoln MKC, will be heading to the US. Look for several of these important debuts to happen just next month, at the Detroit Auto Show.

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