2015 Cayenne to Receive a Nip/Tuck

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In order to help keep it competitive against upcoming BMW and Mercedes rivals, the 2015 Cayenne will receive some styling updates.

Porsche has been busy over the past couple years in launching an all-new 911, Boxster and Cayman. On top of that the refreshed 2014 Panamera will be making its official debut at the Shanghai Auto Show later this month, the Macan small SUV is now going into its final stages of development and the 918 Spyder is nearing production. So where's the Cayenne in all of this? What you see before you are images taken by our spy photographers of the facelifted 2015 Cayenne.

Although this isn't a complete redesign of the existing model, it's clear that Porsche is making some design tweaks to the front and rear bumpers that'll make the SUV more in line with the styling on those other models. The headlights look to be a bit slimmer and the taillights will be given some attention as well. There will also likely be some new wheel designs. More than likely, we're still roughly a year away until this facelifted Cayenne makes its debut.

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