2015 Corvette Stingray Coming with Performance Data Recorder

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Developed with Cosworth, the system is a first for a production car.

Chevrolet has come to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to reveal the new Corvette Performance Data Recorder (PDR) that will be offered with the 2015 Corvette Stingray. Co-developed with Cosworth, the system consists of a 720hp high-def camera in the windshield header, a cabin-mounted microphone and a GPS receiver that is able to track the car's location five times quicker than the sat-nav.

The PDR allows drivers to record their high-octane runs and overlay the footage with telemetry data. This can all be saved on either a 8GB or 32GB SD card located in the glove box. The data can then be analyzed on the Vette's dashboard screen or on a computer using Cosworth Toolbox software.

Pricing for the optional extra, which will be rolled out later this year on the 2015 Stingray, has yet to be revealed. If you think this could be a gadget you can't live without, check out the videos to see what to expect.

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