2015 Corvette Z06 to be Last Ever?

If sales don't improve, the new Z06 could be the last of the breed.

The 2015 Corvette Z06 will debut at the Detroit Motor Show next month, and fans of the high-performance car better hope it impresses. Otherwise, there won't be another one. Ever. Speaking with Digital Trends about the new Z06, Corvette chief engineeer Tadge Jeuchter said: “If we don't get sales back up, there won't be a next one.” In 2012, Chevy shifted around 13,000 units of the C6 Corvette and out-sold the 911 in 2013 even though production was halted for six months.

Yet, historically, the Vette is in a sales slump. At its sales peak in 1979, Chevy produced around 53,000 Corvettes. The last range-topping Vette was the C6 ZR1, which GM denied for production twice before signing off on the third attempt. The General won't have needed that much convincing with the all-new Z06, but if sales don't improve, it could be the last.

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