2015 Escalade Event Set For October 7th

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Cadillac is actually putting a lot of effort into this already-successful model.

We've mentioned it a couple of times already, but now Cadillac has set an actual date for the debut of the 2015 Escalade. The date will be October 7, at an event taking place in New York City. Cadillac is calling the event a "Global Debut", although this is a fairly redundant term in the internet age. However, you should not take this as a sign that Cadillac is reverting back to being completely out of touch with the world around them. They've made a special effort this time.

This effort comes in the form of hiring indie rock photographer and director Autumn de Wilde, a standout in her field despite having a very silly name, to bring us some teaser photos of the car, as well as of the clay models used in the design process. De Wilde's involvement doesn't end there either, as she will be helping Cadillac's efforts to show the new SUV to the world come the debut. As for the vehicle itself, well, that is still expected to be as garish and unsubtle as ever. But that's because you simply do not mess with success.

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