2015 Escalade Gets an $8K Price Increase

And you thought the previous Escalade was overpriced.

Automakers love luxury SUVs for one very good reason: they’re ridiculously profitable. And there are still plenty of wealthy individuals out there willing to pay up to have one parked in their garage. The new 2015 Cadillac Escalade will no doubt be a solid seller for the brand, and perhaps that’s why it’s getting nearly an $8,000 price increase over its predecessor. Autoblog has confirmed the new Escalade will carry a base price of $71,695, and that doesn’t include the $995 destination charge.

So how does Cadillac justify this price boost? It’s claiming that the new model comes with more standard features than before. Supposedly the new base model, features wise, is fairly similar to the previous Premium trim, which stickered for almost $74k. Standard features for the 2015 Escalade include 20-inch wheels, LED headlights, and Magnetic Ride Control. The 2015 Escalade Luxury begins at $75,695, and adds 22-inch wheels, forward collision and lane departure warning. The 2015 Escalade Premium costs $80,195 and has rear seat entertainment and a Drivers Assist Package. If you want your new Escalade to have AWD as opposed to standard RWD, that’ll cost you an extra $2,600.

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