2015 Ford Mustang to go Global


Our gut feeling: the next Mustang will deliver in all vital areas.

Although Ford is doing an incredible job keeping the current generation Mustang up to date, the American automaker has been quietly working behind the scenes on the next-generation model. Likely due in 2015, the next Mustang will retain its overall shape, rear-wheel-drive and its familiar formula of a big engine up front. One change will be the likely switch from a live rear axle to an independent rear suspension. But now, in a report coming from Auto Motor und Sport, we're beginning to get a clearer glimpse of what the 2015 Mustang may be like.

According to the source, the next Mustang will follow the "One Ford" global strategy, meaning it will be designed and engineered to be sold globally with little to no changes for local markets. It'll also be engineered for both left and right-hand drive configurations. We can also expect for it to be smaller, which is needed for both its global aspirations as well as fuel economy. V8 power will still be on hand along with the currently standard V6. It's also possible that at some point down the road, a turbocharged four-cylinder could also be offered (let the angry comments begin here).

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We also have to remember that the launch will be around the time of the Mustang's 50th anniversary, so it's vital for Ford to get things absolutely right. Judging by the way Ford has been doing things lately (mostly positive), our expectations here are quite high. Photos displayed are of the 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500.