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2015 Honda Civic Type R Looks Menacing at the 'Ring

Benchmarked against the A45 AMG, this hatch is going to be hot!

For some months now, Honda has been touting its upcoming, next-generation CivicType R as the next hottest hatch you’re going to really, really want. Still months awayfrom its official unveiling and market debut in 2015, the car has been spotted testing at theNurburgring in Germany, and it looks just as hot as promised. In this round oftesting, Honda is benchmarking the Civic Type R against the Mercedes-Benz A45AMG, proving that it's aiming very high with this model.

When Honda showed a concept model of this car a few monthsago, it was said to be powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinderengine, which the company promised would deliver at least 280 horsepower. Now,rumors have that figure as high as 320 hp. The Type R is likely to be offered infront-wheel drive, making its closest rival the SEAT Leon Cupra, which recentlybroke the Nurburgring lap record. For now, it still seems Honda doesn't intendto bring the Type R to America.

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