2015 Lamborghini SUV/Crossover Renderings Released

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Some unofficial renderings of the upcoming 2015 Lamborghini SUV/Crossover have emerged online.

Tedesco Auto Bild has received renderings of the mysterious Lamborghini SUV/crossover for 2015. Little is known about Lamborghini's newest production model, as we have yet to decipher whether the vehicle will sit on either a truck or car platform. Some details we have ascertained point to the new model being built in conjunction with Porsche. The new Lamborghini will weigh in just under two tons and run a probable 12-cylinder engine with a hybrid drivetrain.

An expected output of around 600hp gives the new car a very Lamborghini feel. An electric drive option could give the vehicle a dainty 15.5-mile range. The three-door SUV/crossover will be limited to 3,000 units a year at first. If demand for the new model meets the Italian's expectations, the vehicle will get a bump up in production. As mentioned earlier, a launch date for the new Lamborghini is set in 2015. Rendering courtesy of autobild.de.

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