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2015 Mustang Gets a 3D Rendering

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But we'll still have to wait some time until the real deal is unveiled.

Anticipation for the all-new 2015 Ford Mustang remains high and word has it that it'll have its online debut next month, but the actual live unveiling won't happen until March at the New York Auto Show, the same venue in which the original Mustang premiered some 50 years ago. Styling wise, the new Mustang will retain all of its familiar traits but underneath is where the most dramatic updates will happen. Gone will be the solid rear axle in favor of an independent rear suspension, and a turbocharged four pot will also be available under the hood.

So what exactly will the final car look like? That's the question we all want to know and this new 3D rendering is likely pretty darn close to the real deal. The graphic artist here basically compiled everything we know so far, based on spy shots and the Evos Concept, and created this short video.

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