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2015 Saleen Foursixteen Officially Revealed

Tesla Model S with added electric shock treatments.

Followingvarious rumors and teasers, American manufacturer and performance outfitter,Saleen, has just whisked the covers from its 2015 Foursixteen, the company'sultra-luxury, high-performance rendition of the Tesla Model S P85. Saleen'sversion of the car gains a host of exterior upgrades designed to lux-up itslook and offer improved aerodynamic abilities. It is also reworked to offer significant,but yet unspecified, performance upgrades.

Visually, the Foursixteen differs from the Model S thanks to a new bumper, aV-shaped hood and a new rear fascia, including a prominent spoiler andcarbon-fiber diffuser. Underneath its sleek exterior, a revised suspension withnew coilovers and new S4 sway bars offers optional adjustable settings for roadand track use, and a locking rear differential offers quicker accelerations. Newaluminum brakes and optional carbon-ceramic ones will help stop this electric powerhouse. The Foursixteen gains a new interior with sport seats, and starts at $152,000 –still qualifying for the same tax credits as the Model S.

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