2015 Toyota Camry: "Best We’ve Ever Built"

Not the most interesting car at the NY Auto Show, but definitely one of the most important.

While it's hard to get overly enthusiastic regarding the revealof a new Toyota Camry, it’s also hard to deny that America’s best-selling caris probably one of the most important debuts at the New York Auto Show. Sowhether your heart is skipping a beat or you just want to know what your momwill be driving next year, here is the 2015 Camry. Toyota promises that nearlyevery body panel in the 2015 has been revamped, making the Camry more “emotional”and “exciting.”

The company also says that the next model will be more “funto drive,” with a host of engine choices including a new Hybrid in SE trim. Whether this is the model that makes Toyota the next BMW remains to be seen,but here is your first look at the car you’re going to see a heck of a lot ofon the road.

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