2015 Vs. 2016 BMW M3: These Are The Changes You Should Look For

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Small, yes, but they're there.

A few days ago BMW revealed the facelifted 2016 3 Series. At the same time, somewhat unexpectedly, an updated M3 also debuted. But wait, wasn't the M3 all-new for 2015? Yes. So what's in store for the upcoming model year? Nothing drastic, but there are a few updates we thought you'd all like to know about. There are the full LED taillights and new body color options, including Smoked Topaz Metallic and Champagne Quartz Metallic. And, well, that's it for the exterior. The twin-turbo, 3.0-liter inline-six with 425 hp and 406 lb-ft remains unchanged.


But it's the interior that's received the most work. Updates include chrome trim around the front and rear air vents as well as the radio and climate controls, electric window switch chrome accents, updated navigation system, and improved child seat hardware. You'll also notice a revised automatic climate control display and ambient lighting surrounding the dash. So yes, the changes are there but they're minor. According to Bimmerfile, the 2016 M4 will also receive these exact same updates. The photos ahead show the 2015 M3 first, followed by the 2016 model. Can you spot the differences?

Source Credits: www.bimmerfile.com

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