2016 Infiniti Q60 Coupe Rendered


Nissan's luxury brand is currently in the process of reinventing itself, a necessary tactic if it wants any chance of becoming a global player in the premium car market.

It was recently discovered that Nissan nearly decided to shut down its luxury brand, Infiniti, a few years back due to lackluster sales and its inability to establish itself against the likes of Audi and BMW. This news was recently broken by Ward's Auto at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show during an interview with Nissan Executive Vice President Andy Palmer. But instead of shutting Infiniti down, Palmer hired former Audi US head Johan de Nysschen to fix the brand.

De Nysschen was able to help turn Audi into a true BMW and Mercedes-Benz competitor by separating it from Volkswagen due to his deep understanding of the premium car market. He's now hoping to achieve that same goal at Infiniti. Along with the upcoming model lineup name change, Infiniti will be adding four new models over the next four years. One of those will be the Q60, a coupe version of the upcoming Q50 sedan that'll replace the aging G sedan for 2014. One of our favorite auto rendering artists, Theophilus Chin, has just released his idea of what that coupe may look like.

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The Q60 isn't due to arrive for another couple of years but like its sedan counterpart, it'll certainly have more dramatic styling than the current Infiniti lineup. And that's no bad thing in our book.