2016 Nissan 240Z Going Turbo Four

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Four cylinders in a Nissan Z? Get used to it, because in 2016 the six-cylinder 370Z is set to be replaced with a smaller, lighter sportscar to give Toyota and Subaru a run for their money.

With the emergence of Toyota GT86/Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ, buyers may have trouble justifying the higher price of the Nissan 370Z. But the next-generation model is tipped to follow its rival's formula with a lighter, more efficient and likely more cost-effective four-cylinder Z-car to arrive as the current model's replacement around 2016. The report from Auto Express indicates that the new Z will ditch its traditional six-cylinder setup in favor of an inline-four - likely with a turbocharger - but just which engine remains a big question mark.


The new Z could use an upgraded version of the 1.6 in the Juke or the 2.0 in the sister-company Renault's Megane RS, but a new engine being developed with Daimler could find its way under the hood instead. Nissan may also offer a six-cylinder version in smaller quantities, and a Nismo version could follow with a tighter suspension and more power, though we wouldn't be surprised if the Nismo and V6 versions ended up as one and the same. Whatever the engine, though, expect the new Z to continue the line of aggressive, muscular styling.

As for the name, while the 370Z (like the 350Z and the 300ZX before it) tied their names to their engine displacements, the new model could follow others in the industry by divorcing its model name from its engine size. The new model could, then, revive the original 240Z's nameplate, but at this point those details are pure speculation.

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Source Credits: www.autoexpress.co.uk

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