2016 Sales Prove Lincoln Is Back As A Luxury Contender


New models like the Continental have made Lincoln relevant again.

A few years ago, the Lincoln brand barely had a pulse, much like its customers. Lincoln only really built modestly rebadged versions of Ford cars, but the company has completely redefined itself with new models like the MKZ and Continental. With these refreshed models, Lincoln was able to increase its US sales numbers by 10 percent, its best in nine years. The sales gain in the US was impressive, but Lincoln is really on a roll in China where it increased its sales threefold. In fact, Lincoln is now the fastest-growing luxury brand in China.


"The momentum is both gratifying and encouraging," said Kumar Galhotra, president, The Lincoln Motor Company. "We're pleased clients are recognizing the superior experiences and vehicles Lincoln offers." The 10 percent gain in the US was particularly impressive in a luxury market which only saw a 1 percent gain as a whole; impressive US sales are thanks to high sales in key luxury markets like New York, Florida and New Jersey where sales increased by 13, 10 and 9 percent respectively. Lincoln ended the year particularly well with sales up by 18 percent compared to December of 2015 thanks to the Continental, which sold 1,845 units in December beating out the Lexus GS and Audi A6.

Lincoln sold 32,558 cars in China in 2016, which is three times more than it sold in 2015. This growth was mainly attributed to positive reception to the brand's SUV models and a growing number of dealerships which nows stands at 65. New Lincoln models have some of the most comfortable seats on the market as well as very roomy back seats, both of which are very important to Chinese consumers. Clearly, Lincoln is off life support and is ready to be a luxury player once again.


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