2017 Audi A7 Will Feature a More Radical, Stylish Design

Time to end the era of all Audis looking nearly the same.

Audi is clearly tired of being criticized for its supposed one design fits all approach. The current A4, A6, and A8 simply look too similar and differ, appearance wise, in length only. Now that Audi has a new design chief on board, Marc Lichte, this policy will soon end. Although the A7 has its own unique look, Lichte is determined to go for something even more stylish for its planned successor. Design work for the 2017 A7, according to Autocar, has been completed.

It’ll apparently infuse various styling bits from the Prologue concept first displayed at LA in November. As we previously reported, this concept actually serves as the design inspiration for many upcoming Audis, including the new A6 and A8. However, the new A7 will be the most radical looking of the three. What’s more, this trio will feature a greater visual distinction from the rest of the future Audi lineup. Expect to see the new A7 debut about a year or so from now.

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