2017 E-Class: Larger, Lighter and Powered by New Engines

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First model to come out will be the E-Class convertible.

Mercedes-Benz is working hard on its next E-Class, which is expected to debut as a 2017 model. The first to arrive will surprisingly be the E-Class convertible, followed by the coupe and then the sedan and wagon. The whole lineup is expected to be larger and lighter than the current generation, sharing many of its underpinnings with the new C-Class, which was introduced earlier this year. It will be lower than the current model, making it even sleeker, and the coupe will power on with its current lack of B-pillars.

The entire E-Class lineup will receive a host of new engines, most of them inline, six-cylinder units with gasoline and diesel variants. There will also be one range-topping V8, which should sport a displacement of 4.0 liters. Three hybrid models are also expected to fit in within the lineup.

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