2018 Dodge Durango GT Rallye Pack Gets SRT Looks Without The V8


Don't need a V8, but still want the looks? This is the Durango for you.

FCA has been on a rampage of creating performance versions of nearly all of its models. Even the Dodge Durango recently received an SRT version. These performance versions look and sound great, but they can be very expensive. In the case of the Durango, the cost is nearly $63,000 for the 475 horsepower SRT model. Dodge clearly didn't want people who can't afford to spend over $60,000 on their family SUV to miss out on the fun. That is why the company just introduced a new SRT-inspired Rallye Appearance Package for the V6 Durango.

The Rallye Appearance Package will now be available on V6 Durango GTs. The idea is to give V6 Durango owners the look of a faster model without the massive cost. The package adds a performance hood, performance front fascia and LED fog lamps for $1,495 on top of a Durango GT, which starts at $37,895. For less than $40,000, buyers will now be able to buy a Durango with SRT inspiration. Powering the Durango GT is a 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 producing 295 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. Buyers will be able to choose from seven color options, including Vice White, White Knuckle, Octane Red, Redline Red, DB Black, Granite and In-Violet.

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If you've had your mind set on a Dodge Durango, but didn't want to pay up to get the R/T or SRT versions, you can now have the look without the additional cost. The Rallye Appearance Package can even be combined with other Mopar options such as the Blacktop package with Brass Monkey wheels. It may be a bit of a "poser's Durango," but some people want a cool looking seven-seat SUV and don't care about race track performance.