A New 2018 Ford F-Series Truck Is Sold About Every 35 Seconds


We're only mid-way through 2018 and already F-Series trucks are set to have a record sales year.

We all knew the Ford F-Series was the automaker's biggest seller but what not everyone is aware of, until now at least, is that the 2018 F-150 and F-Series trucks are currently on pace to set a sales record high for this year.

According to Automotive News, in the first half of this year F-Series sales have already overtaken the previous half year sales record from 2004, which ultimately became the truck's best-ever sales year. It was 14 years ago when Ford sold a total of 939,511 F-Series full-size pickup trucks. Based on the figures in the first six months of 2018, Ford is on track to sell an estimated 941,000 trucks by December 31, 2018.

Already this year Ford sold over 450,000 trucks. To give you a better idea of that astonishing figure, a new F-Series truck is sold in America about every 35 seconds. Also working in Ford's favor is that, traditionally, 52 percent of yearly sales come from the second half of the year.

Basically, as the new model year vehicles arrive in dealerships, buyers come flocking in looking for sales incentives on outgoing model year vehicles. Remember, it was the 2018 F-150 that received a refresh, so don't expect the 2019 model to be dramatically different. Point being, now's a great time to buy.


It was only a few months ago when Ford experienced a potential disaster regarding F-150 production output. A fire struck a supplier factory, which in turn forced a temporary production halt, but Ford brilliantly managed to get production up and running again fairly quickly by shipping an 87,000 pound die from England to Michigan on a Russian cargo plane. Americans wanted to buy F-Series trucks in droves and Ford was determined to succeed. The mid-year sales results speak for themselves.


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