2018 Ford Mustang GT's Quiet Exhaust Mode Will Keep Your Neighbors Happy

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Not everyone likes the sound of a rumbling V8 exhaust. Shame.

There’s always that neighbor doing something annoying. Mowing the lawn early on a Saturday morning. Walking that always barking dog, and even turning the garage into a makeshift wood shop. You don’t want to be that guy, even if you’re the proud owner of a new 2018 Ford Mustang GT. Ford has just revealed its updated V8 pony car features what’s appropriately called Quiet Start, or the "Good Neighbor Mode," as Mustang engineers like to call it. The idea for this Quiet Mode originally came from former Mustang engineer Steve von Foerster.

Early one morning, von Foerster was backing his Shelby GT350 Mustang out of his driveway when it V8 rumbled and annoyed a neighbor, who then called the police. Because Von Foerster left before officers arrived, he didn’t get a ticket. But he wasn’t angry at his neighbor. Quite the opposite, in fact. That neighbor gave him an idea, which is now a reality.

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“I love the sound of the V8, but it can be loud, and you can’t annoy people like that in your neighborhood," says von Foerster. "It sounds so cool, but I thought, 'There has to be a way to give people more control over the engine’s sound.'" The resulting Good Neighbor Mode works like a regular modern exhaust system in that the driver simply selects their preferred exhaust mode. On Mustang GTs equipped with the optional all-digital 12-inch instrument cluster, the exhaust mode menu appears within the pony menu. With the standard 4-inch cluster, exhaust mode is found within the settings menu. And once you’re out of your neighborhood, you can easily switch back to Sport Mode and enjoy the acoustics – and continued good neighborly relations.