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2018 Hyundai Sonata+ Edition Adds More Tech At No Extra Cost

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The Hyundai Sonata is now better equipped and more affordable than ever.

In an effort to boost sales of the struggling 2018 Sonata, Hyundai is introducing new "+" editions for several trim levels that add a host of new desirable features to make the midsize sedan better equipped and more affordable than ever. The mid-model year enhancement package increases availability of Hyundai's Advanced Driver Assist Systems, the Sport front fascia and mesh grille and other interior amenities. As standard, the new Sonata SEL+ and Sport+ trims come with sport mesh grille and front fascia and dual automatic climate control.

Other new tech and comfort features include floor console-mounted rear vents, Qi wireless phone charging, a heated steering wheel, and an automatic up/down driver window. Opting for the new Sport + model with the Tech Package increases the availability of advanced safety features, including Hyundai's Advanced Driver Assist System, which features automatic emergency braking, lane keep assist, and smart cruise control. The 2018 SEL+ starts at $23,700, which adds a total value of $580 over the standard SEL trim with these new comfort and convenience features. The SEL+ with the Tech Package, on the other hand, starts at $24,300.

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The Sport+ trim can be had for $24,800, with an added value of $950, while the Sport+ with the Tech Package will set you back $25,400. Hyundai is also offering the Sonata Limited with the Tech Package for $27,400, which is the same price as the previous Limited model but comes with all the aforementioned new features as standard for a value-added saving of more than $1,000. If you want the top-spec model, the Sonata Limited with the Ultimate+ Package costs $26,433, which is $600 less than the current Sonata Limited with Ultimate Package and includes a panoramic sunroof in addition to all the above features.