2018 Nissan Titan, Titan XD Crew Cab 4x4s Get Jacked

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Nissan will offer factory-authorized lift kits of up to 3 inches through dealerships beginning this spring.

Nissan has a lot riding on its Titan and Titan XD pickups. After the automaker allowed the previous-generation Titan to age its way into obscurity, it's finally taken the segment seriously with its own take on what a pickup should be. Still, pickup buyers know what they want, and a vast swath of owners enjoy using their trucks to mix it up in the tough stuff. For those folks, Nissan will make available a factory-authorized lift kit of up to 3 inches for Titan and Titan XD Crew Cab models.


Nissan didn't develop the lift kit itself. Instead, the Japanese automaker relied on aftermarket lift-kit manufacturer ICON Vehicle Dynamics-not to be confused with the company of the same name that makes retro-fantastic Ford Bronco and Toyota FJ recreations-to provide the hard parts. The kit itself is a completely bolt-on affair that requires no cutting or other damaging modifications to be done to the Titan. The height-adjustable coilover shocks even maintain the Titan and Titan XD's official towing and payload ratings. Also, Nissan says ride quality should even be improved with the kit due to the its increased wheel travel and damping ability.


Nissan will offer the kit through its nationwide network of dealers, so you can get your Titan jacked as soon as you buy it off the dealer lot. Furthermore, if you lease a Titan, the kit can be easily removed when you return your truck at the end of the lease and can be easily swapped into another Titan at the dealer. The kit will be available beginning this spring, but Nissan has not yet announced pricing.


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