2018 Rezvani Beast Alpha Is A $95,000 'Porsche Killer'

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The 2018 Rezvani Beast Alpha costs half the price of last year's model - but there's a catch.

When it was first revealed last year, the 2017 Rezvani Beast Alpha would set you back $200,000. Since then, the boutique sports car maker slashed the price down to $149,000. Imagine our surprise, then, when it was announced that the new lightweight 2018 Rezvani Beast Alpha will cost less than $100,000, with the CEO boldly branding it as a "Porsche killer, but with even more focus on the enthusiast" that's "lighter, faster, and better handling than anything in its class."

It's now been revealed that prices for the 2018 Rezvani Beast Alpha start at $95,000 – but there's a catch. As Motor1 reveals, it was only possible to slash the price by half because many of the previously standard features of the 2017 model are now optional extras – including the futuristic 'Sidewinder' sliding doors, arguably one of the Beast Alpha's defining features. While the 2018 Rezvani Beast Alpha looks identical to its predecessor, there have been some significant changes under the hood. Last year's model was powered by a 2.4-liter turbocharged, four-cylinder Honda engine with 500-horsepower.

The 2018 model packs a Cosworth-tuned 2.5-liter supercharged four-cylinder that produces 400 horsepower. But before you despair at the decrease in power, the performance hasn't drastically changed – the 2018 Rezvani Beast Alpha sprints from 0-62 mph in 3.5 seconds compared to 3.2 seconds in the 2017 model. You get a six-speed manual gearbox as standard, or you can opt for a sequential automatic. 18-inch forged alloy wheels house a set of sturdy AP Racing brakes, and carbon ceramic brakes are also optional. As standard, the body is made of hand-crafted fiberglass built around a Lotus-derived chassis, and includes a removable targa-style roof.

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With the fiberglass body, the 2018 Rezvani Beast Alpha weighs 2,000 pounds. For $20,000, you can add carbon-fiber panels, which were standard on the previous car, lowering weight to just 1,950 pounds. The signature Sidewinder doors will also cost an extra $10,000. At this price point, we're able to introduce the vehicle to a whole new range of buyers, adding our signature design and performance touches onto an already proven package," said company founder and CEO Ferris Rezvani. "It's a Porsche killer, comparatively, and for around the same price, it's far more exclusive." Bold claims, once again.

Inside, the cabin is fitted with carbon fiber door panels and detailing, though be prepared to shell out for interior options. A full leather interior will set you back $3,500 for example, and sport leather seats cost $3,700. If you want an Alpine stereo with Apple CarPlay that will cost another $3,500. Even the hand-stitched floor mats cost $650. If you're pining for more power, the Beast Alpha X is also available with prices starting at $159,000. It features the same 2.5-liter supercharged engine as the Beast Alpha tuned to produce upwards of 535 hp, resulting in a sprint time of 3.2 seconds. It tips the scales at 1,650 pounds thanks to its full carbon-fiber body.

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