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2019 Acura NSX Refreshed With New Shade Of Orange (And Higher Price Tag)

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Chassis and ECU upgrades also make it even more capable both on road and track.

The Acura NSX has been at the forefront of the hybrid supercar segment ever since its launch in 2015. To keep at the top of the pile, and to make it both more usable on day-to-day driving and even more engaging on the track, the 2019 model year has been revealed with a range of tweaks and enhancements.

On the suspension front, the stabilizers have been increased in stiffness by 26 percent upfront and 19 percent in the rear. Along with stiffer bushes, this makes for a more responsive chassis than before. The Sport Hybrid SH-AWD power unit has also been recalibrated to make sure that the active magnetorheological dampers provide an even more comfortable ride in their softest setting despite the stiffer setup.

Powertrain updates include new injectors, the heat response of the turbocharger has been enhanced, and a new particulate filter allows the NSX to comply with the latest emissions standards.

The standard fitment tire is now the Continental SportContact 6. Developed exclusively for the Acura NSX, these tires improve responsiveness as well as both wet and dry weather grip. The combination of these changes allow the NSX to lap the Japanese Suzuka circuit two seconds faster than the 2018 model.

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Exterior changes include a new pearlescent paint color called Thermal Orange, for the full effect you can now also have your brake calipers finished in orange too. If you are brave enough you can combine this new color with the newly available full red leather upholstery option.

Less daring types can opt for one of the more subdued interior finishes like the new Indigo Blue leather/Alcantara combo. The front grille is now finished in a body color upper section and the mesh inserts are now painted a gloss-black both front and rear.

Acura has also announced that the 2019 model will carry a price tag of $157,500, an increase of $1,500 over the 2018 model.