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2019 Beetle to Spawn Bulli 'Bus,' Sportscar and Crossover

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VW plans to milk the next Beetle model for all it’s worth.

Although the Volkswagen Bulli concept, which was unveiled way back in 2011, received enthusiastic feedback, especially from former hippies, the company never got around to doing much with it. The sort-of reincarnated Bus remained a concept, while the Beetle it derived from was given a new lease on life in a redesigned model. Now, German media is reporting that the next-generation Beetle, due in 2019, will spawn a whole family of vehicles, including the little Bulli van. Groovy.

The five-door, five-seat van will ride on the MQB platform, and may replace VW's European mini-minivan, the Sharan. The Beetle family will also receive a crossover model, probably more mainstream and toned down than the Beetle Dune concept from this year's Detroit Auto Show. More exciting is the news that Beetle will also spawn a high-performance model sporting a chopped roof and incorporating the Golf R's powertrain. All these will come on top of the existing coupe and convertible configurations.

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