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2019 BMW X5 Will Offer An Off-Road Package For All Sorts Of Awesome

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From the Nurburgring to desert sand dunes.

With an expected debut sometime later this year, the all-new 2019 BMW X5 is being put through its final paces of serious testing. Prototypes for the fourth generation of the hot-selling SUV, according to BMW, have been sent to the Nurburgring for hot laps as well as to Sweden's Lapland and South Africa for cold and hot weather testing, respectively. X5 mules also trekked to some desert dunes in the US. Not only will the new X5 be a serious performer on smooth pavement, but it'll also be a formidable force off-road.

BMW has just shared some new X5 details (and the included photos) regarding the new off-road package, stating it "offers an impressive combination of highest-level ride comfort on the road and the possibility of changing the vehicle setup at the press of a button to suit the conditions of driving off the beaten track perfectly. Be it snow, sand, rocks or gravel roads – the new BMW X5 has the perfect powertrain and suspension setup for each surface." Another impressive feature the new X5 will offer (for the first time) is BMW's Integral Active Steering system that's capable of adjusting steering feel and weight depending on the current driving situation.

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The automaker's highly regarded Adaptive M Suspension Professional will also be available. A variety of engines will also be on offer, including gasoline, diesel and a plug-in hybrid option. Don't expect the diesels to come to the US. What will come to America, as rumor has it, is the twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 in the range-topping M50i. There will also be an all-new X5 M, but that's not expected to arrive until 2020.