2019 Chevrolet Blazer's Design Attitude Is The Cure For Bland Crossovers


That's assuming you like the Blazer's looks.

Like the exterior design of the new 2019 Chevrolet Blazer? Yes? No? Well, hopefully it's the former because according to GM Authority, the reborn Blazer's styling will inspire future Chevy crossovers. While GM has given up on the old era badge engineering, platform sharing across its multiple brands is still standard operating procedure, saving billions of dollars in development costs. But just because a Chevrolet and, say, a Cadillac share a common architecture no longer means only their badges are different; they look completely different.

Chevy, however, will no longer settle for bland styling as it had pre-bankruptcy. Instead, it's been working hard to forge its own unique look and management apparently believes the new Blazer's styling is what they've been looking for.


For example, the FNR-CarryAll concept, a so-called three-row Blazer, premiered at the 2018 Guangzhou International Auto Show in China. Compare this concept with the Blazer and, well, they look an awful lot alike. That is very much on purpose. Reaction to the 2019 Blazer's styling, specifically its thin daytime running lamps and headlights, and a bold and aggressive grille has been overwhelmingly positive. Perhaps that's because the styling was inspired by the Camaro.

With Pontiac long gone, Chevy can now be the sporty and excitement brand as well as GM's bread and butter. The report adds that the next generation or facelifted Trax, Equinox and Traverse are all expected to adapt the Blazer's sportier looks.

Chevrolet Chevrolet

The Trax, in particular, would greatly benefit because its current design is anything but inspiring. "The Blazer has attitude. It looks commanding on the road, while fulfilling the promise of versatility at the heart of every Chevy crossover and SUV", said John Cafaro, executive director of Global Chevrolet Design. Look for the redesigned Chevy Trax to debut in time for the 2020 model year. The 2019 Blazer, meanwhile will go on sale in the US early next year starting at $28,800.

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