2019 Citroen DS24 Envisioned

We like it when there's a piece of news about a student or an artist out there with a vision of how a vehicle should look like in the future. This is exactly what Ugo Spangnolo, a student at the Institut Superieur de Design, did when he put his thoughts to paper on a new SD model for the 2019 model year. Spangnolo calls his concept the DS24 and he claims that he was inspired by the legendary Citroen DS19 that debuted at the 1955 Paris Motor Show.

The DS24 sports a futuristic look with a floating roof and sliding rear doors. Inside, Ugo gave the interior an airy style with a blue illumination and cloud-like white leather upholstery. The vehicle also features a hydrogen fuel cell for power which also provides the juice for an electric motor that is integrated into the chassis. Hopefully, Ugo will continue to impress with this design and some new ones.

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