2019 Ford Focus Active Dead Before Arrival In America


This leaves the Mustang as Ford’s only non-crossover or truck sold in America.

We already knew about Ford’s plans to end sales of cars like the Fiesta, Focus, and Fusion in America due to lack of sales present and future, but now the automaker has cancelled plans to import the only variant of the next generation Focus. Automotive News has learned that Ford has officially dropped plans to import the Focus Active to the US, originally set to get underway next year. The reason?

Tariffs put into place by the Trump administration. These tariffs, Ford has calculated, would affect profits and thus not worth the effort. Furthermore, Ford only planned it’d sell no more than 50,000 Focus Active hatchbacks annually, so it’s not like this is a dramatic decision.

Over the past few years, Ford’s greatest profits came from its crossovers and its F-Series pickup trucks. The Mustang also remains profitable and it will soon be the only non-crossover or truck in Ford showrooms. Ford has also gone on record stating that it won’t change its mind about importing the Focus Active even if a deal is reached to drop the tariffs. “The impact to our future sales is expected to be marginal,” said Kumar Galhotra, Ford’s president of North America.

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Looking ahead, Ford will also begin rolling out new crossovers/SUVs, trucks (the new Ranger and Focus-based small truck) as well as electrified utility vehicles. The Focus Active was originally scheduled to be in showrooms by late 2019 and, as of now, Ford has yet to announce whether or not a new crossover will replace it. Chances are that won’t happen because the newly freed up cash that would have been spent on the Focus Active can now be invested elsewhere.