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2019 Hyundai Elantra Revealed To The World With New Look And Enhanced Safety Tech

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Update brings with it a sportier look and a whole host of new safety systems.

Introduced just two years ago, the Elantra sedan has proven itself a solid choice in a tough segment where it has had to fend off competition both from more established rivals as well as the ever popular small crossover offerings. While we were at the Santa Fe first drive event in Park City, Utah, Hyundai decided to surprise us with the global reveal of the refreshed 2019 Elantra.

This is an important model for Hyundai as it is the best-selling car in Korea and is currently the 7th best-selling sedan in the US. To help keep it competitive this refresh is far more than just skin deep but the first thing you notice are the comprehensive exterior changes.

The front fascia now has rectangular LED daytime running lights and a new grille which add a dash of sportiness to its looks, while the hood, trunk, bumpers, and taillights have also been redesigned. The smallest wheel choice now starts at 16-inches with top trim levels getting either 17 or 18-inchers.

The engine and transmission choices remain unchanged, which means you can choose from three four-cylinder motors ranging from 128 hp to 201 hp and either a 6-speed manual, 6-speed automatic or 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox depending on trim levels.

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All 2019 Elantras other than the base SE trim now come with active lane control, lane departure warning, auto emergency brake assist as well as cross-traffic alert which goes a long way to enhancing safety levels in this compact sedan. Safe Exit Assist is also new, alerting occupants of any potential dangers before exiting the vehicle.

On the tech side, there is now wireless charging and a new optional 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system with smartphone compatibility that can be specced on the higher trim levels. The refreshed Elantra go on sale in the fall of 2018.