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2019 Kia Sorento Gets Price Bump Across The Board

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Minor update matched by minor price increases and feature upgrades in most trims.

Kia introduced a mildly refreshed 2019 Sorento at last year's LA Auto Show with a host of new features and upgrades, and we now learn those upgrades come with slightly higher pricing on most trims. The Sorento was already a solid value in the segment, and while the price might not be coming down in most cases, it remains an appealing option in the crowded midsize crossover segment for many reasons. The most significant mechanical updates are the elimination of the 2.0-liter turbo and a new eight-speed transmission for V6 models.

The base model grabbing headlines is $25,990, but who buys a base model FWD Sorento L? No one, I bet. But, if you do, you get an extra pair of seats as seven-passenger seating is now standard across the board, and the base 185-hp 2.4L four-cylinder is paired with a more efficient transmission. The 7-inch infotainment system touchscreen is also standard now, instead of the dinky 4.3-incher for 2018 stripper models. Next up is the LX model, which starts at $27,490, and it can be optioned with all-wheel drive for $29,290, which is one of the few trims that is cheaper than the 2018 equivalent that rings in at $29,990. Feature content remains the same, albeit with the bonus third row seats and bigger touchscreen.

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The AWD system is an intelligent slip-and-grip system that also features a center diff that can be locked in at 50/50 and torque vectoring. Those looking for V6 power can get in for as little as $31,290 for FWD or $33,090 for AWD, but these are almost two grand more than 2018 LX V6 models. The Sorento EX is priced at $35,590 or $37,390 with AWD, and new features like projection fog lights and driver attention warning and lane keep assist are added to the mix. The Sorento EX also offer optional front parking sensors, navigation system with Android Auto/Apple CarPlay, and a Harman Kardon surround sound audio system. The Sorento SX gets the same additions as the EX for $39,990 or $41,790 with AWD.

However, the parking sensors, navigation system with Android Auto/Apple CarPlay, and Harman Kardon audio are also standard in the SX, along with a wireless phone charger. The top of the line model is the SXL, priced at $44,690 for front-wheel drive, $46,490 for AWD and adds LED headlights and fog lights and all the usual luxury fixings that the SXL currently offers, like 360-degree parking cameras, autonomous emergency braking, adaptive cruise, Nappa leather seats that are heated and cooled, plus some nicer interior and exterior trim. This top trim is also just a couple hundred more than 2018 models. All models get $990 tacked on as a destination charge.