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2019 Lexus LX Black Edition S Leaks Before Official Reveal

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The restyled 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser has also been leaked.

It looks like Lexus is cooking up a new special edition version of the LX SUV, as leaked images posted on the Instagram page hamad1two3 claim to show the 2019 Lexus LX 570 Black Edition S ahead of its official reveal. The images are low resolution, but you can still see the special edition model boasts new taillights and a blacked-out grille, mirrors, door handles and wheels, giving the SUV a slightly sportier look. It appears to be based on the Lexus LX Superior sold exclusively in Russia, but we wouldn't be surprised if it LX 570 gets the Black Edition treatment in the US if previous Lexus special edition models are anything to go by.

If it does get sold here, expect it to be available in limited numbers, as Lexus Black Edition models are typically restricted to only a few hundred examples. Engine options are unlikely to change, so the Lexus LX 570 Black Edition S will likely be powered by the same 5.7-liter V8 as the standard model that produces 383 hp.

As well as the Lexus LX 570 Black Edition S, the Instagram page has also posted leaked images of the refreshed 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser. The all-new Land Cruiser is likely still a few years away, so Toyota will continue churning out evolutionary updates.

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The model shown in the images is sporting a more aggressive front spoiler and a simplified grille, while the rear looks mostly the same as the current model. Specifically, the images show the 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser GXR, which is only available in the Middle East, so it isn't clear if the update will be rolled out in the US.