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2019 Lincoln Nautilus Gets A Slight Price Bump Over The MKX It Replaces

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Nautilus starts at $1,350 more than the outgoing MKX.

Lincoln revealed the Nautilus at the LA Auto Show late last year. And as reports (and the online configuration tool) now show, it comes with a slight price bump over the MKX it replaces. The new 2019 Lincoln Nautilus starts at $40,340. Factor in the mandatory $995 destination charge, and you're looking at a base price of $41,335. This compared to the outgoing MKX, which started this year with a $40,030 price of entry. Of course that's just the starting point. Lincoln will also offer the Nautilus in Select, Reserve, and top-of-the-line Black Label trims.

The Nautilus Black Label starts at $56,895, or $57,890 delivered. Load it up with all the options and you'll be looking at $65,260 – which is getting pretty close to spitting distance to the price of entry for the larger Navigator (starting at $72,555, or $73,850 with the higher $1,295 destination charge). For the small price bump (of $1,350), the Nautilus receives not only a new name, but a host of revisions to go with it. The previous waterfall grille is replaced by a new mesh one, all the sheetmetal from the A-pillar forward is fresh, and there's a wide array of new technologies included as well. Turbocharged EcoBoost power comes in the form of a 2.0-liter four with 245 hp, or a 2.7-liter V6 with 335.

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The Nautilus name better fits into Lincoln's new nomenclature as Ford's luxury brand moves away from the MK naming scheme and towards nameplates like Navigator, Continental, and the forthcoming Aviator. With the recently updated MKC tipped to be renamed as the Corsair in its next iteration, that will leave only the MKT crossover and the MKZ sedan as the last models under the old naming scheme.