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2019 Mini Oxford Edition Offers A Great Deal For Students

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Special-edition hatch arrives for the start of the school year.

Minis may be small, but they're not cheap. Not for little hatchbacks anyway. But that doesn't mean they can't offer a good deal, like with the new Oxford Edition.

Offered for students and recent grads, the 2019 Mini Oxford Edition packs $6,900 worth of equipment that would otherwise be optional, bundled together as standard. It includes the Mini Connected infotainment system, rear-view camera, park distance control, 17-inch wheels, panoramic sunroof and heated seats, all in one attractive package, named for the historical home of the British automaker.

"The Mini Oxford Edition represents a tremendous value for college students and recent graduates who are looking for a fun, stylish car that won't break the bank," said Mini's Randy Clements. "Eligible students and graduates can save thousands on a well-equipped Mini that is ideal to get them to get to campus or their first job out of school in style."

Pricing starts at $19,750 for the two-door model, and $20,750 for the four-door – plus the mandatory $850 destination charge. That's less than the $21,900 that Mini charges for the base Classic two-door, or the $22,900 starting price for a four-door.

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It's still a fair bit more than you'd have to pay for, say, a Fiat 500, which starts at just $16,245 and offers similarly retro styling and compact form. But then the Fiat isn't considered a premium offering. At least not in the same way as the Mini is.

The Oxford is currently available at Mini dealers across the United States. But to get one, you'll need to be enrolled in an accredited college, university, or graduate program – or to have graduated from one in the last 12 months.