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2019 Porsche 911 Caught Completely Undisguised

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This is the second time the new Porsche 911 has shown us its naked rear end.

We've already seen camouflaged prototypes of the new 992-generation Porsche 911 a countless number of times, but now our spies have sent us some snaps of the German sports with no camouflage ahead of its official debut. The partially covered bright yellow example can be seen being pushed by three Porsche employees, but we sadly only get to see the car from the rear. This is actually the second time we've seen the new 911's sleek rear end, as images of the car finished in the same yellow color leaked earlier this year.

Once again, we get to see the new 991's slim LED taillights connected via an LED bar mounted over the centrally positioned "Porsche" lettering. The taillight design resembles the Panamera, though the 911's rear lights look even slimmer. The car's sports quad exhaust tips integrated into the rear bumper suggest we could be looking at the new Carrera 4S.

The 992-generation 911 won't look drastically different to the outgoing model, but it will be underpinned by a brand-new platform that will be stiffer and stronger and incorporate hybrid powertrains. A hybrid 911 will launch in a few years and is being billed as the most powerful 911 ever with a possible 700 hp on tap. Before then, Porsche is expected to unveil the new Carrera 2S and 4S coupes at the Paris Auto Show.

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The base 992 Carrera is expected to have around 400 hp, while the Carrera S will reportedly receive a power bump up to 450 hp and the range-topping Turbo S will allegedly pack 620 hp. As we've seen in previous spy shots, the interior will also be revamped with a wider infotainment and an instrument cluster. And don't worry, the

new 911 will come with a manual transmission

to keep purists happy.