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2019 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid Nearly Efficient As The Toyota Prius Prime

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And there's a very good reason why it is.

Last spring, Subaru revealed its Crosstrek plug-in hybrid crossover, the first vehicle to feature that specific powertrain. The previous generation Crosstrek was available as a hybrid but it was not particularly impressive, fuel economy wise. This time around, however, Subaru is determined to get it right – and it reached out to Toyota for assistance.

According to a leaked CARB certification filing obtained by Inside EVs, the 2019 Subaru Crosstrek PHEV (the non-hybrid 2018 Crosstrek is pictured below) will get a city all-electric range of 25.65 miles and the equivalent highway figure of 21.9 miles. To compare, the Toyota Prius Prime manages 25 electric miles combined. Considering the Crosstrek is an AWD crossover, that's pretty darn good.

There's also a reason why the Crosstrek PHEV manages these figures: Subaru is using the same Toyota Hybrid System found in the Prius Prime, only it's been slightly re-engineered to integrate with the Subie's four-cylinder boxer engine. To compare the Crosstrek a bit more to other vehicles, the Chevrolet Volt achieves 53 miles combined on the same measurement cycle. But again, the Crosstrek offers the coveted all-wheel drive many buyers, particularly those who live in regions with harsh seasonal weather such as snow and ice. The Chevy and Toyota do not (although it's rumored and AWD Prius will debut later this month at LA).

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The regular non-hybrid Crosstrek powered by the 2.0-liter Boxer four and paired to a CVT returns 27/33/29 mpg. Six-speed manual-equipped versions manage 23/29/35 mpg. It's also important to note that Subaru will not call the 2019 Crosstrek PHEV a 'PHEV', but rather the Crosstrek Hybrid, even though it is a plug-in. It can also be driven as a regular hybrid with both gas and electric power (no range anxiety), or as a pure electric for shorter commutes.

Like last spring, Subaru has yet to reveal official images of the 2019 Crosstrek Hybrid but we for those to arrive in the very near future.