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2019 Volkswagen Golf R Finally Receives Awesome Colors

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Finally! No more calling the Golf R boring.

While we would struggle to call it boring, many people believe that the Volkswagen Golf R is the least exciting of the current hot hatchback segment. The Ford Focus RS features a more aggressive AWD system and suspension set up, and the Civic Type R sports a far more aggressive look - both are also exclusively sold with manual transmissions. By comparison, the Golf R is a more well-rounded car, which can also be a friendly way of saying boring. Fortunately, Volkswagen has a trick up its sleeve to get people talking about the new 2019 Golf R.

Among our suggestions to improve the next generation Golf R, we asked Volkswagen to offer more colors than the dismal five offered in the US market (three of which are black, white, and gray). In Canada, the Golf R is offered in over 40 mesmerizing hues, Volkswagen has announced that US buyers will finally be able to get in on the action for the 2019 model year. It's called the Spektrum Program, and it will add around $2,500 to the price of the car. It may be a decent chunk of cash for a pint job, but we think it is a worthy sacrifice to get what will likely be one of the most unique Volkswagen models on the road in the US.

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Some of the colors are simply spectacular and will prevent anyone from calling the Golf R boring. There are three shades of purple alone and we suggest getting yours in the boldest color that you can stomach. Volkswagen hasn't announced all of the color options yet, but you can check them out on the company's Canadian website. Some of our favorites include Violet Touch Pearl, Traffic Purple, Magma Orange, Cliff Green, 91 Blue, and Sarantos Turquoise. Tell us your favorites in the comments.