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2019 Volvo S60 Owners Might Have A Serious Problem

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Here's a hint: it involves the suspension.

The all-new Charleston, South Carolina-built 2019 Volvo S60 is a very impressive mid-size luxury sedan. We're big fans of it. However, there's already a potentially serious problem some owners need to be aware of. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has just issued a recall for 8,266 new S60 sedans for one potentially serious issue: the suspension toe links, which may not have been tightened correctly while the vehicles were still on the assembly line. What are suspension toe links?

Although they may be small components, they play a vital role in keeping the wheels pointed in the right direction. The recall report says that if the outer toe link bolt were to fall off, the sedan's stability control system will detect the fault.

At that point, the system will deactivate stability control, resulting in a change of steering and maneuvering abilities. And that, quite obviously, is a crash risk. The good news is that Volvo believes only about one percent of the recalled S60s were built with this defect. However, every single one of them still needs to be properly inspected, free of charge of course. S60 owners will simply have to bring their cars to a Volvo dealer for the inspection and, if deemed necessary, the appropriate fix will be made.

The technicians will inspect the suspension to make sure the flange lock nut on both sides was properly installed. If the lock nut is not tightened securely, a new flange bolt will be installed and the lock nut will be tightened according to factory specification. Volvo will officially begin to notify affected owners via mail early next month.

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The recall itself will get underway on June 21. Fortunately, neither the NHTSA nor Volvo are aware of any related crashes, injuries, or fatalities. Since the third-generation S60 went on sale for the 2019 model year, a total of 5,041 examples have been sold through April. That's nearly double what the previous-gen model sold during the same period last year.