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2019 Volvo V60's Interior In Geneva Has A Super Groovy Name

2018 Geneva Motor Show / 5 Comments

This family wagon's seats are straight out of our retro-chic future.

You've gotta give Volvo props for having the Swedish meatballs to build not one, not two, but three different wagons. (Okay, okay, one is a hatchback, but let's suspend disbelief for the sake of argument for a moment.) Europe's purveyor of long-roofdom has for years built its reputation on safety instead of style. But if this 2019 Volvo V60 the automaker brought to Geneva has anything to do with that corduroy stigma, the wagon will be made cool again. Don't believe me? Check out the interior and its funk-a-rific name.

On display in the Volvo booth in Geneva, the V60 graced its stand in an incredibly understated shade of grey. But after peeking inside, it was plain to see the Swedish automaker had its interior game on point yet again. These seats were upholstered in what Volvo calls "Vinyl City Weave," which is the grooviest interior name we've heard in a while. It's a tighter pattern than plain-old plaid and also lacks the depth of color you'd find on a typical tartan, but its simultaneous simplicity and complexity has me smitten. These rad seats make me want to plug in the record player and listen to some Marvin Gaye—or at least load him up on Spotify and play his soulful sounds over the V60's speakers.

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The Volvo V60 will make its way across the Atlantic powered by two available engine and driveline combinations: a front-wheel-drive T5 with 250 horsepower and a more potent all-wheel-drive T6 with 316 hp. Sitting within its dash will be Volvo's Sensus infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. And just because Volvo is getting more chic doesn't mean it has made safety a secondary priority. The new V60 will come with a laundry list of safety features, including Pilot Assist and City Safety with Autobrake. Expect first U.S. V60 deliveries toward the end of this year.