2020 Chevrolet Corvette Owners Report Dangerous Problem

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This is more than just a new-car teething issue.

The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette has not had the best start to its life. After the mid-engined machine was supposed to be a revelation for Chevy, there have been numerous delays due to the global pandemic, the convertible's arrival has been up in the air, and there have been a number of quality issues plaguing the American sports car. While messy stitching on the dashboard might be annoying for a $60,000 machine, it's at least a merely cosmetic problem. The latest issue to plague the Corvette, however, could be much, much more serious. In a strange turn of events, owners have been reporting that while driving, the hood/frunk lid of the Corvette is opening by itself, lifting up and blocking the driver's vision entirely.

Jeremy Welborn / YouTube
Jeremy Welborn / YouTube

The trouble seems to have started back as early as April of this year, as members of various Corvette forums have reported the hood opening on its own while traveling at just 30 mph. It's not the only place there have been reports, and owners have started lodging complaints with the NHTSA, with reports dating back as far as April 11, 2020.

At this stage, the NHTSA has received two official reports for the same issue, both reporting that at low speeds the hood opens on its own, completely blocking the driver's view of the road. This is a rather serious problem, as at higher speeds, not only would the driver be unable to see, but the hood could cause damage to the body of the car as it gets caught in the wind, and could even be ripped off and pose a threat to other road users.

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The C8 Corvette does have a warning light for when the hood/frunk lid is open, and in situations where it is partially open, there's an audible warning too, to prevent you driving around like that. These incidents seem to occur without this warning, however, suggesting the hood is closed properly, meaning there could be a problem with the locking mechanism itself. Chevrolet is yet to issue a statement on the matter, but with the number of complaints growing, it shouldn't be long before action is taken. We expect a recall in due course, hopefully before a serious incident occurs.

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