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2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD Has A Crazy Amount Of Torque

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That gigantic grille will surely scare small children.

Chevrolet introduced the new redesigned 2019 Silverado back in January to fight the Ford F-150, but the heavy-duty version was conspicuously absent in the line-up. That will soon change, however, as the automaker has confirmed the all-new 2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD will debut in February 2019. Billed as "the most capable and most advanced Silverado HD ever," Chevrolet boasts that 2020 Silverado HD's only shares the roof with its light-duty Silverado 1500 sibling. Every other piece of sheet metal is exclusive to the new Silverado HD.

As you can see from the official photos released by Chevrolet, the new Silverado HD sports a menacingly large front grille that will surely scare small children, a huge hood vent, and bed steps in front of the rear wheels. It's certainly not the prettiest pickup truck ever made - and we thought the 2019 Silverado's styling was polarizing.

"We set out to make a statement with the 2020 Silverado HD and wanted to visually capture the power and capability of the truck," said Brian Izard, lead exterior designer for Silverado HD. "The result is a truck that looks like a piece of heavy machinery with modern, chiseled finishes and customer-focused details."

Like the new Silverado 1500, the 2020 Silverado HD will have an additional 3 inches of legroom on crew cab models and a taller, more comfortable seating position. When it launches next year, there will be a choice of two new powertrains: an all-new gasoline engine with direct injection mated to a six-speed transmission, or a Duramax Turbo-Diesel V8, which delivers a whopping 910 lb-ft of torque through an all-new 10-speed transmission.

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"We know the needs and priorities of heavy-duty customers are different than those of either light-duty or medium-duty customers," said Jaclyn McQuaid, chief engineer, Silverado HD. "As such, we built a heavy-duty truck tailor-made for them that has more differentiation than ever before from light-duty models, offers advanced towing technologies to improve towing confidence and includes new features such as the integrated Bedstep, which makes it easier to access the bed while pulling a fifth-wheel trailer."

Chevrolet says the new Silverado HD will also offer all-new trailering technology, "significant" increases in towing and payload capabilities, and a range of technologies and features designed specifically for heavy-duty truck customers. More details about the 2020 Silverado HD will be released before it goes on sale in mid-2019.