2020 Ford Bronco Will Have A Very Familiar Design


Ford says it considers the new Bronco a "brand asset."

It's been a long time since we had news about the 2020 Ford Bronco. The Blue Oval automaker has remained tight-lipped since the first teaser image of its Jeep Wrangler rival was released last year. Speaking to Automotive News, Ford's North American president, Kumar Galhotra, has provided some new details about the reborn Bronco.

Galhotra considers the Bronco a "brand asset" and went on to say that a vehicle with the Bronco nameplate will need to live up to expectations associated with the moniker. In other words, expect the new Bronco to be a proper SUV rather than a rebranded crossover like the new 2019 Chevrolet Blazer.


Galhotra believes the Bronco is associated with a certain type of styling, and that it was important for the designers to "understand which design cues make a Bronco, a Bronco." He compares this idea to the new Mustang, which is still instantly recognizable as a Mustang over 50 years after the model's inception. Likewise, the Bronco name also means customers will have high expectations for the new model's off-road capability. Galhotra says the automaker has to "deliver on that."

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Ford has also been conducting a lot of research on the Bronco and Galhotra said they're listening to hardcore Bronco enthusiasts who invest in restoring old models, as well as younger consumers who have never driven a Bronco before. According to Galhotra, the old Bronco is one of the most popular vehicles with millennials. He also described the 2020 Bronco as "one of the most exciting projects going on right now" and that the final design "puts a smile on my face".


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