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2020 GMC Sierra HD's Pricing Will Make Your Eyes Water

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GMC is pricing its trucks like luxury cars.

Just the other day, Chevy released pricing for the new Silverado HD, revealing a slashed sticker for the new work truck. Now its sister division GMC has done the same with its own Sierra HD, but instead of reducing the MSRP from the old model to the new one, GMC has raised it.

In fact, as our friends at Autoblog point out, the 2020 GMC Sierra HD has one of the highest sticker prices in the segment. Even in base spec with a regular cab, the new Sierra 2500 HD starts at $37,195.

By comparison, the Silverado 2500 HD starts at $35,695, the Ram 2500 at $35,090, and the Ford F-250 Super Duty at $34,745. And the big GMC's sticker only rises from there.

A standard-cab Sierra 2500 HD in SLE trim commands $41,595. On the other hand, the double cab starts at $39,795, climbs to $43,595 in SLE trim, and hits the $52,195 mark for an SLT. And the Crew Cab is even pricier, of course: $41,595 (base), $45,395 (SLE), $53,995 (SLT), $59,295 (AT4), and $65,295 (Denali). And that's before you even get into the more capable 3500-series version.

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The regular-cab Sierra 3500 HD starts at $38,395 (or $42,795 for the SLE). The double-cab ranges in price from $41,195 to $44,995. And the Crew Cab will set you back anywhere from $42,795 to $66,495 (for the top-of-the-line 3500 HD Denali).

Strictly speaking, then, the new Sierra HD technically has a lower starting point than the model it replaces, but that's only because GMC has re-introduced the standard-cab version. Comparing apples to apples, though, the new model is a pricier truck than the one it replaces. And by any definition, $66,495 is a whole lot of money to spend on a pickup.