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2020 Hyundai Veloster Returns To Haunt Ford


But don't worry, Hyundai isn't giving up on the manual entirely.

The second-generation Hyundai Veloster is now entering its second model year after being introduced in 2019. For 2020, Hyundai's changes aren't major, so don't go expecting to see a significant refresh or new powertrain option. But Hyundai has announced several changes to the Veloster's trim structure along with some pricing adjustments. Some of the changes aren't so great but overall, the 2020 Veloster looks like an improvement.

Starting with the Veloster N, its price has increased slightly from $26,900 to $27,400. The N Performance Package still costs $2,100 and adds a power increase from 250 horsepower to 275 ponies, a limited-slip differential, larger wheels and brakes, and an electronically-controlled exhaust.

Moving down to the Veloster Turbo, the entry-level R Spec increases by $250 to $23,150, the middle Turbo trim increases by $50 to $25,450 (and adds wireless phone charging), and the top Turbo Ultimate trim remains unchanged at $28,150. Even though pricing for the Turbo Ultimate hasn't changed, Hyundai has dropped the six-speed manual option for the top trim turbo model, leaving the seven-speed DCT as the only transmission option.

This means the only way to row your own gears in a Veloster Turbo is to get the R Spec trim (or step up or down to the base Veloster 2.0 or Veloster N). It is disappointing to see Hyundai will no longer offer a manual Veloster with luxury features like heated leather seats and a moonroof, but the R Spec is still the best choice for enthusiasts. The non-turbo 2.0 and 2.0 Premium models only see minor price increases of $100 and $50 to $18,600 ($19,600 for the automatic) and $22,800 respectively.

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The R Spec may not be as luxurious as the Turbo Ultimate, but for 2020 it now includes rear cross-traffic detection and blind-spot monitoring as standard equipment. Hyundai hasn't announced availability but mentions 2020 pricing has been in effect since June 13, 2019. 2020 Veloster models are likely on their way to dealerships now and may already be available.