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2020 Lexus LC Inspiration Series Is Not Your Typical "Green" Car

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Better watch your six, Aston Martin.

The overtly angular styling may not be to everyone's taste, but the Lexus LC certainly makes a design statement – and a stylish one at that, to our eyes. Now the Japanese automaker is taking it even further with the introduction of its second Inspiration Series special.

Where the 2019 edition came in an eye-catching Flare Yellow, the 2020 Inspiration Series coupe takes a far more classy, subdued approach. It's decked out in an exclusive Nori Green pearl, offset by 21-inch alloys with a two-tone finish and a saddle-tan leather interior with darker Alcantara and black leather trim.

It's a treatment we'd sooner expect to see on, say, an Aston Martin, and we suspect that's no accident. Though its ~$90k base price comes nowhere near the $150k sticker on a Vantage (much less the $200k+ DB11 or $300k DBS Superleggera), the Lexus LC 500 (on which this new Inspiration Series is based) is about as close as Japan has ever come to such a high-end grand-touring sports coupe – short, at least, of the exotic LFA supercar that came before. And it's sure to catch almost as much attention out on the open road.

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As with the "base” LC 500, this limited-edition coupe is powered by s 5.0-liter naturally aspirated V8, sending its 471 horses (and 398 lb-ft of torque) galloping to the rear wheels through a ten-speed automatic transmission.

Only 100 examples will make their way to US showrooms starting this fall, with pricing to be announced closer to launch. Of course, if you don't dig the pseudo-British appearance, you can still get a standard-production LC in any of nine exterior (and four interior) colors – but none of them are green... or arguably as classy.