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2020 Mercedes-AMG GT R Black Series Sounds Spectacular

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Another day, another prototype circling the ‘Ring, but this one is rather special.

Thanks to AMG Boss Tobias Moers confirming the fact that the current AMG GT range will be topped off by the hard-core Black Series variant, we know that the heavily camouflaged car captured testing at the Nurburgring is the upcoming GT R Black Series.

However, there has been precious little additional information given and we are always keen to examine the latest images of this upcoming sports car to see how it will differ from the rest of the AMG GT range.

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Thanks to a new video of the car shot at the Nurburgring, we can clearly see a far more aggressive aerodynamics package being used. The front bumpers have two sets of fins on either side while the rear of the car has a modified undertray incorporating more prominent exhaust tips. The huge rear wing is also unique to this car although as with any test mule, the production versions may not incorporate all of the changes you see here.

Historically, the Black Series variants have been uncompromising track-honed sports cars and this latest addition looks to be no different. There is very little body roll evident, even when the test driver is pushing hard into the corners, no doubt due to a far stiffer suspension setup.

Producing 577 horsepower from its twin-turbo V8, the current range-topping AMG GT R is already a very quick and capable sports car. Expect to see a power bump for the Black Series variant possibly matching the AMG GT four-door's 630 hp figure.

Being rear-wheel-drive as opposed to the AWD drivetrain of the four-door model should make this Black Series just as intense and focused as its lairy predecessors. It should also be lighter than the rest of the AMG GT range which should pay dividends in handling and braking too. With future models quite likely turning to hybrid and electric powerplants, the AMG GT R Black Series could well be the last pure gas-powered model we are likely to see.