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Porsche Confirms When All-New 911 Will Debut With Sexy Teaser

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Mark your calendars, because we now know exactly when the covers are coming off the all-new Porsche 911.

The wait is nearly over. In less than two weeks, Porsche will lift the wraps off the all-new eighth-generation 911 at the 2018 LA Auto Show. Porsche has now confirmed exactly when the covers will come off: mark your calendars for November 27, 8.00 pm PST.

With its debut imminent, the teaser campaign for the 2020 Porsche 911 is gathering pace as a shadowy teaser video has been posted on Porsche's Facebook page showing the car's shapely silhouette. It looks like, well, a 911, as Porsche says the new model retains the sports car's "timeless design". In other words, expect the new 911 to have an evolutionary design since Porsche doesn't want to mess with a winning formula.

We're most likely looking at the new 385-hp Carrera or a more powerful 450-hp Carrera S since these are the two models that are expected to debut this month. While the teaser does a good job of hiding the details, we've already seen the new Porsche 911 naked thanks to leaked spy shots.

To the untrained eye, the new model looks like any other 911 sporting the same familiar shape, but there are some key changes such as a new taillight design and larger proportions. Under the skin is an updated version of the current car's platform that will eventually incorporate a hybrid powertrain. That won't happen for a few years yet, so we can expect the first iterations to use updated twin-turbo flat-six engines.

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Like the outgoing model, hotter versions of the new 911 will also arrive in the next few years – we've already seen the new 911 GT3 being put through its paces. In the meantime, prototypes of the new 911 are being rigorously tested in a variety of hot and cold climates to make sure the "sports car icon continues the tradition of being the best 911 of all time."