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2020 Volkswagen GTI Cup Will Be Faster Than Today's Golf R

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You'll just have to pay VW extra to make it happen.

Earlier this month we learned Volkswagen ultimately decided to ditch a hybrid powertrain for its next-generation Golf GTI hot hatch, due to premiere next September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Instead, VW is sticking with the status quo by offering an updated version of the 2.0-liter turbocharged four available in today's GTI. And, of course, it'll be more powerful, as we also previously reported.

Another earlier piece of information claimed that VW will offer an even more extreme GTI variant, called the TCR, though it'll be less powerful than the next Golf R. A new report from Car Magazine, however, clarifies what this new trim will officially be called: GTI Cup, which is inspired by the current GTI TCR, a three-door, overseas only limited edition GTI good for 286 hp. That's only 10 hp shy of the Golf R's output.

Apparently, VW feels there's a market for an in-between model so it's making it a permanent thing. The GTI Cup will not be limited edition and will boast a number of exterior upgrades as well. Some of these include an extreme aero kit, lower ride height, fatter wheels, bigger brakes, and a differential lock.

Output is said to still be around 286 hp and 273 lb-ft of torque. And here's the best part: VW will remove the top speed limiter chip for an extra fee. Instead of the typical 155 mph maximum speed, that figure will increase to 166 mph. Even the current Golf R has a 155 mph top speed.

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The report also notes the next Golf R will also be more powerful, which we already knew. Expect at least 328 hp and 295 lb-ft sent to all four wheels through the familiar seven-speed dual-clutch. But the big news here is really the existence of the new GTI Cup. It'll not only cost less than the Golf R, but will also weigh less too because it lacks an AWD system. Although we won't know specifics for several months, its power-to-weight-ratio could be best in class and maybe, just maybe, challenge the Honda Civic Type R to a certain Nurburgring record.